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Minnesota Man Charged With Murder Weeks After Harris-Backed Bail Fund Group Bailed Him Out

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2021-09-08 15:00:48
Mary Chastain


Do you guys remember the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) group formed after George Floyd’s death? It was supposed to bail out those who protested and rioted in Minneapolis after he died.

Controversy has surrounded the group since its formation. It bails out people without any consideration to anyone. It even bailed out an alleged domestic abuser.

Then-Sen. Kamala Harris loved to hype up the group.

Now MFF is in trouble again. An alleged domestic abuser it bailed out is now charged with second-degree murder.

George Howard, 47, allegedly murdered Luis Ortiz, 38, on I-94 on Sunday:

Surveillance video reportedly showed Ortiz, in a blue BMW, and Howard, in a white Volvo, “get into a road rage incident” on the ramp entering the interstate.

Ortiz could be seen getting out of his vehicle and approaching Howard’s vehicle. Ortiz then collapsed and Howard could be seen driving away. Ortiz got back into his vehicle, drove down the ramp and subsequently crashed, surveillance video…


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