Mounting Evidence Suggests Canadian Chef “Helped” 88 People Kill Themselves, He Tired to “Help” Hundreds More

Canadian Chef Kenneth Law, 56, of Toronto, got a head start on Canada’s euthanasia laws, it would appear, The National Crime Agency (NCA) is investigating Law’s connection to 88 people who died after receiving a suicide drug from the chef. Apparently, the drug was not so successful as a total of 272 appear to have also bought the illegal “suicide kit.”

Canadian Chef Suspected Of Helping At Least 88 Die By Suicide –


UK authorities suspect a Toronto-area man named Kenneth Law, 57, of helping at least 88 people die by suicide.

According to BBC News, the National Crime Agency (NCA) launched a criminal investigation into the matter. Authorities believe Law ran websites to facilitate the assisted suicide of various people in the UK.

In fact, the NCA pin-pointed 272 UK residents who purchased an unnamed chemical from Law over a two-year span.

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