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More evidence is coming out that shows the embedded “journalists” who documented Hamas’ intentional slaughtering of women, children, and infants, KNEW the attack was immanent, KNEW Hamas would be slaughtering innocents, and failed to let the Israelis know. Now, calls for these “journalists” to be treated as terrorists are increasing, especially from Israel.

Democrat Media Arm Scrambles As It Becomes Clear They Knew About Hamas Invasion Of Israel Before It Happened –


Reports have been bubbling up that the various tentacles of the Democrat hacktivist media actually had pro-Hamas activists ‘journalists’ embedded with Hamas before and on October 7th.

What were they thinking? What were they doing? Why didn’t they alert Israel about the impending attack or alert Israel when the true evil taking place in front of their “embedded with Hamas” eyes became crystal clear? Obviously, U.S. intel knew about these intel-directed ‘journalists’ embedded with Hamas, so there was no need to alert the White House. They already knew.

Now they are reportedly in panic mode because things didn’t go as they expected (the destruction of Israel is far from nigh, and the American people are far from siding with gruesome barbaric evil over our historical ally Israel), and they are trying to cover their cowardly terrorist-supporting (-colluding?) butts


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