Nancy Pelosi reiterates infrastructure vote plans as some Democrats continue to push back –

Nancy Pelosi reiterates infrastructure vote plans as some Democrats continue to push back

2021-09-28 02:37:11



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi privately rallied Democrats in a caucus meeting Monday evening as the House began debate over the bipartisan infrastructure package.

Pelosi signaled she plans to push forward with a Thursday vote on the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure bill, regardless of the status of negotiations on the larger Democratic policy package with the Senate.

Members believe it’s an attempt to pressure key senators to reach an agreement on the social spending plan, and some remain skeptical that the package will be ironed out with the backing of enough Democrats to clear the chamber by then.

Pelosi’s announcement to Democrats was a reversal of her earlier pledge to move both pieces of legislation together. It’s also a test of progressives’ vow to block the Senate-passed legislation unless it’s paired with the social spending package.

President Joe Biden and White House press secretary Jen Psaki both indicated earlier Monday afternoon that negotiations could stretch beyond this…


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