Nanoparticles to protect animals from skin parasites –

Nanoparticles to protect animals from skin parasites

2021-09-28 15:32:03


A joint Russian-American paper was published by Pharmaceutics.

An international researcher team of Louisiana Tech University, Gubkin University and Kazan Federal University reported the fabrication of nanoscale insecticidal hair coating for prolonged anti-lice protection. The study was supported by the Russian Science Foundation.

“Treating agricultural and domestic animals infected with ectoparasites (such as lice, fleas, chewing lice, etc.) is among the primary challenges of veterinary medicine and agriculture. In case of mass infestation, regular measures, such as isolation of infected animals or repeated reapplication of insecticides, are not always effective. These methods are time-limited and provide a short-term therapeutic effect,” explains co-author Rawil Fakhrullin, Head of Kazan University’s Bionanotechnology Lab.

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