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Nashville Trans Shooter Manifesto Leaked – Freedomist News Feed

Nashville Trans Shooter Manifesto Reveals CRT Kills –


Teach children they were born with sin skins and have no hope of redemption and produce psychotic mass shooters. That’s the lesson we can draw from the now-leaked manifesto of the trans shooter who killed 3 white children and three white adults in the name of eradicating “whiteness,” a genocidal war-cry of the DNC-CCP-indoctrinated left.

The trans shooter, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, wrote in a notebook what amounts to a manifesto to “justify” her actions, to target white children for assassination in the name of purging the earth of the disease that is “whiteness,” as taught to her by self-hating white adults and the non-whites who don’t understand the apocalyptic hell they are endorsing, for white people as well as themselves.

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