News Media Uses Neutral Pronouns To Hide Mass Shooter’s Trans Identity

ABC News made sure to refer to the mass shooting murderer by neutral pronouns, even bleeping out the word man when an official used that term to rightly describe the psychopath killer. It seems ABC News wants to make sure you are not aware that yet another trans-sexual person went on a killing rampage. ABC co-anchor White Johnson referred to the man as a they throughout the report. Correspondent Trevor Ault reported the crime like this; “So, the suspected shooter is expected to be arraigned today on a slew of charges. Officials say they were armed and armored firing seemingly random but they say they carried out this shooting intentionally and knowingly. They killed multiple people including a teenager and they even shot a toddler.”

ABC Uses Neutral Pronouns for Trans Philly Shooter, Edits Out DA Saying ‘Man’

 On Tuesday, authorities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania announced that the suspect behind the Monday mass shooting there was Kimbrady Carriker, a transgendered man who pretends to be a woman and a Black Lives Matter activist. But while the Wednesday morning newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC omitted all of that information, ABC’s Good Morning America went the furthest, using gender-neutral pronouns when talking about the shooter and editing a video of the district attorney referring to Carriker as male.

“We do turn to the mass shooting that left five people dead in Philadelphia. We are learning more about the victims and police are identifying the suspected shooter who they say was armed for battle,” ABC co-anchor Whit Johnson declared, teasing they would inform viewers about the shooter.

But correspondent Trevor Ault refused to disclose anything about Carriker’s background and repeatedly used gender-neutral/plural pronouns and other non-descript language

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