Nicaragua Outlaws Jesuit Order

The Nicaraguan government has declared the Catholic Jesuit Order to be illegal in their country. They have also moved to seize all their assets. Earlier, they had seized the Jesuit-run University of Central America. They claimed the order was not complying with tax reporting and also that they are a “center of terrorism.” The Society of Jesus of Central America responded to the move, saying “This is a government policy that systematically violates human rights and appears to be aimed at consolidating a totalitarian state.”

Nicaraguan government bans Jesuit order, confiscates all property –


MEXICO CITY — Nicaragua’s government on Wednesday declared the Jesuit religious order illegal and ordered the confiscation of all its property.

The move comes one week after the government of President Daniel Ortega confiscated the Jesuit-run University of Central America in Nicaragua, arguing it was a “center of terrorism.”

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