NSA Desperate to Keep “Right” to Spy on Americans Without a Warrant

NSA is using a sophistic loophole to avoid a Supreme Court Ruling that prohibits the Federal government from collecting data or spying on phone conversations of Americans without a warrant. The NSA is aggressively “purchasing” date from private companies, like Facebook, claiming since it is commercially available, the NSA can continue to spy on Americans using their private data. The NSA is one of many federal agencies under the Biden administration that has been expanding its collection of private date of American citizens without a warrant.

The NSA Is Lobbying Congress to Save a Phone Surveillance ‘Loophole’

The US Supreme Court has previously ordered the government to obtain search warrants before seeking information that may “chronicle a person’s past movements through the record of his cell phone signals.” In the landmark Carpenter v. United States decision, the court found that advancements in wireless technology had effectively outpaced people’s ability to reasonably appreciate the extent to which their private lives are exposed.

A prior ruling had held that Americans could not reasonably expect privacy in all cases while also voluntarily providing companies with stores of information about themselves. But in 2018 the court refused to extend that thinking to what it called a “new phenomenon”: wireless data that may be “effortlessly compiled” and the emergence of technologies capable of granting the government what it called “near perfect surveillance.” Because this historical data can effectively be used to “travel back in time to retrace a person’s whereabouts,” the court said, it raises “even greater privacy concerns” than devices that can merely pinpoint a person’s location in real time.

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