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OK Elementary School Gets Drag Performing, Pedo-Suspected Principle

Western Heights Elementary School in Oklahoma has hired Shane Murnan, a drag queen performer who was arrested 22 years ago for possessing child pornography. Though he was found to have sexually explicit pictures of children on his phone, a corrupt judge ruled the pictures couldn’t be proven to be absolutely of underage children.

Appeals Court Judge David Allen disagreed and reversed the decision, which was then mooted when Payne County DA simply dropped the charges. The school district stands by its decision. Parents should remove their children from that school ASAP.

Oklahoma City School District Hires Drag Queen Elementary School Principal Once Arrested For Possessing Child Porn and Illicit Drugs –


A “drag” performer arrested 22 years ago for possessing both child pornography and illicit drugs has been hired to be the school principal of an Oklahoma City elementary school, and the school district is defending its decision.

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