OSU Med Students to be Screened for Proper Wokeness

Ohio State University has just announced Americans can no longer depend on the University training quality medical doctors. They announced requirements for their medical students to go through a woke indoctrination session that will demand the students parrot the anti-American, anti-human ideology of fear, hate, and fake hope. Americans can expect more medical accidents as “doctors” of the near future will only be the ones cowardly enough to comply to the dark ideology or criminally insane enough to believe it.

Ohio State University Med Students Required to Read ‘Anti-Racist’ DEI Literature – legalinsurrection.com


Ohio State University College of Medicine (OSUCOM) students are required to read a slew of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and antiracism literature, including an opinion piece that recommends a White colleague not ask a Black colleague how they are doing.

“This opinion piece … informs the reader of ‘things to be mindful of with not only Black friends but also Black Colleagues in the workplace.’ One recommendation is to stop asking, ‘How are you doing?’ Its reason is that the situation ‘for Black People (and all People of Color)’ is to ‘experience racism every day,’” the July 2023 report published by Do No Harm, a medical nonprofit, states.


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