PA State Universities Witness Enrollment Plummet

State Universities in Pennsylvania See Largest Drop in Enrollment in Decades

2021-10-12 16:00:31
Mike LaChance


Maybe these schools should just hire more diversity administrators. Surely, that will fix the problem.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports:

Pa. State System university enrollment craters to lowest level in over 30 years

Pennsylvania’s 14 state-owned universities lost another 5,000-plus students this fall, dropping total head count enrollment below 89,000 — a level not seen in three-plus decades, dating nearly to the system’s founding — according to just released data Monday.

The 5.4% downturn and anticipated loss of more than $36 million in tuition revenue is likely to further complicate efforts to redesign the State System of Higher Education and merge six of its universities — California, Clarion and Edinboro in the west, plus Bloomsburg, Lock Haven and Mansfield in the northeast — into two institutions.

However, the drop from a year ago to a degree was anticipated — at least internally. While not offering a number, State System leaders, including Chancellor…


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