Preborn Child Murder Advocates Quit Diner Because Owner is Against Legalizing Abortion

A diner in Ohio is temporarily closed down after its entire staff quit upon learning the owner opposes a referendum that would essentially be legalizing murdering unborn children, and even born children, up to birth.

The owner of Copper Blue Restaurant, Brian Arlinghous, came out against the child-murder bill, and for that, his staff decided that working for a man who defends the life of the unborn was untenable for them, another class of debased individuals that call good evil and evil good, children in adult bodies who have no regard for human life, fascists hiding behind the fake term “pro-choice.” He is fortunate for their departure, as now he can hire civil Americans and be freed from the existential threat he faced associating with such murderous spirits.

ED.NOTE: Crooks and Liars DELIGHTS in this display of child-murder support, which tells you their blog is aptly named. THEY are the crooks and liars, not the people this far-left seditious rag assaults every day.

Diner Closed After Workers Quit Over Abortion Rights –


Ohio is in a hot debate on a referendum question about whether abortion should become a constitutional right.

The debate is so hot that it forced one restaurant to close. The owner of the Copper Blue restaurant, Brian Arlinghous, came out against it and posted a big sign urging people to vote no on the referendum. This, in turn, led to an exodus of his employees who quit over it:

“I’m distraught, honestly,” said former employee Jessika Lambert. “I hate that this is how we have to end things because it’s a discussion that never should’ve been brought up to begin with.”

Lambert said she worked at Copper Blue for a year and a half before she quit her position as assistant general manager on Thursday.

“Women deserve rights, that’s the simple answer,” Lambert said.


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