Principle Allegedly Kills Self After DEI Trainer Turns Whole State Against Him

Professor: Don’t dare blame bully anti-racism trainer for principal’s suicide –


Now, recall the Canadian anti-racism guru whose diatribe and subsequent actions allegedly led to the suicide of a longtime principal. The KOJO Institute’s Kike Ojo-Thompson had berated and belittled Richard Bilkszto for his “whiteness” and “white supremacy” simply because he reasonably objected to one of her premises.

This is sadly hilarious as trainings like Ojo-Thompson’s are typically dubbed “courageous” or “difficult,” but in reality the only difficulties involved are faced by the white audience — they’re expected to listen to the espoused drivel and keep their mouths shut.

“Trainers” like Ojo-Thompson never advertise that white people’s safety and comfort are of no consequence, and that only they are expected to confront risks and difficulties associated with anti-racism trainings. Any deviance from the preferred orthodoxy is absolutely verboten.

Just as Bilkszto discovered.

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