Colleges Want More Militant Leftist Professors, Create Woke Filter to Find Them

Professor candidates’ ‘woke score’ — how actively they’ve promoted equity, diversity, inclusion — proposed as hiring criteria at Oxford University: Report

2021-12-20 15:40:10
Dave Urbanski


Oxford University in England — arguably the world’s most prestigious institution of higher learning — is proposing that professor candidates must show they’ve actively promoted equity, diversity, and inclusion as a condition of obtaining appointments, Fox News said, citing a report in the Telegraph.

What are the details?

The proposal was dreamed up by the college’s race equality task force, which said it was “important to embed EDI” — which stands for equality, diversity, and inclusion – into “all recruitment,” the paper said, according to Fox News.

The document — which looks to tackle “racial inequalities among staff” — states that “good citizenship and/or commitment to EDI work” should be an “essential criteria” for applicants, the cable network said, citing the Telegraph.

What did one Oxford prof have to say?

“If we are supposed to pay attention to their EDI — their woke score — does this mean it doesn’t matter if they are useless at teaching and research?”…


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