Cypriot Christians Protest Priest Vax Mandate by Archbishop

Protestors Surrounded a Cypriot Archbishopric in Nicosia to demand the mandate for unvaccinated priests levied by the church be rescinded.  Protestors say forcing human beings to put things into their body against their will is ‘uncrhistian.’

Protesters demand ‘unchristian’ vax ultimatum on clergy be withdrawn – Cyprus Mail

2022-01-09 15:16:53


Dozens of people gathered outside the Archbishopric in Nicosia on Sunday to protest against the ultimatium given to unvaccinated priests to get jabbed or be punished.

Archbishop Chrysostomos said on January 6, Epiphany Day, that the unjabbed priests and bishops must get the shot by January 15 as their last chance.

He said if any claimed to have various health problems that would stop them getting the jab, he would refer them to his own doctors for examination.

“If they do not have a [health] problem, they must be vaccinated. Otherwise next month they will not be priests of the Archdiocese. An unvaccinated person cannot function and communicate with others and transmit the virus to them. If they do not care about themselves, let them stay in their house,” he said.

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