Rep. Beth Van Duyne: Justice Department aims to threaten parents into submission –

Rep. Beth Van Duyne: Justice Department aims to threaten parents into submission

2021-10-28 17:54:25


We live in bizarre and profoundly disturbing times where our nation is run by an administration who empowers drug cartels and human traffickers to commit horrific crimes against Americans. 

This is the same administration currently mobilizing the FBI to investigate and intimidate concerned parents speaking out about education in taxpayer funded schools.

From my first days as a local elected official, I have stood with the men and women of law enforcement even as other elected officials cynically, sanctimoniously, and wrongly threw them under the bus. But now, as with all actions in the Biden administration, we are seeing yet another federal agency weaponized against its own citizenry. Such an exercise deserves to be opposed.

To be clear, any credible threats and acts of violence should be investigated and prosecuted. With more than 14 years serving as an elected…

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