CRT Faces Parents Rights Movement

The Republicans have latched on to what might be an effective bludgeon against the coercive elements, the unconstitutional elements of critical race theory being coercively taught as fact to children in public schools.  That bludgeon is to advance parental rights in a constitutional republic, through law, lawsuits, and executive orders.

Republicans Pin National Education Battle to Parents’ Bill of Rights

2022-01-24 10:00:01
Alex Nester

Republicans are growing increasingly confident they’ll retake the House in 2022—and they’re positioning themselves to make parents’ rights in education a national priority.

Rep. Julia Letlow’s (R., La.) Parents’ Bill of Rights was the focus of a Tuesday roundtable discussion among Republican members of the House Education and Labor Committee. The bill, which would pressure schools to be more transparent about curricula and spending, has garnered support in their party. A House GOP aide told the Washington Free Beacon that “most members” of the Republican Study Committee “seemed very supportive of the bill.” With 107 cosponsors and support from the largest Republican caucus, the bill could become an integral part of House Republicans’…


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