Russia’s Sputinik V Vaccinated to Gain Access to US, EU

Russia negotiates with the United States and the European Union to admit entry to people vaccinated with Sputnik V

2021-10-03 21:55:22



As negotiations progress with the World Health Organization (WHO), Russia began a series of dialogues with USA and the nations of the European Union to allow the entry of those vaccinated against Covid-19 with the Sputnik V. “They listened to the arguments; they understand that it is rational ”, assured the Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko.

The information was confirmed by the Russian official in a series of tweets published on the official Twitter of the development of the Gamaleya Institute, which was accompanied by a photo of the document issued by the Argentine Government for the application against Covid-19. “Mutual recognition of vaccination certificates is the first step towards mutual recognition of vaccines“Said Murashko.

In this regard, the Russian official said he held talks “in Geneva with the United States and others on the recognition of travel certificates” and stressed that “this is the beginning of a constructive dialogue.” …


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