Scheller’s Afghanistan Swan Song

Marine Commander Relieved Of Duty For Demanding Accountability From Military Leadership

2021-08-28 23:30:03
Fuzzy Slippers


Marine commander Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller made the decision to post a video in which he, in uniform, demands military leadership accountability for the absolute disgrace, dishonor, and all-around cluster in Afghanistan.

With a shockingly sophomoric, greedy, gleaming and highly politicized eye on a glorious twentieth anniversary of 9/11 photo-op followed (they imagined) by slathering adulation from the legacy media, the bungling Biden administration, including its cowardly ‘woke’ military top brass, have made abysmal, catastrophic decisions that have (so far) cost the lives of 13 members of our military and at least 100 Afghans.

Colonel Scheller was justifiably furious about and grieving the completely foreseeable and entirely preventable deaths of a dozen of his Marine brothers and that of a Navy corpsman.

He notes that military leadership had an honor-bound duty to “throw their rank on the table” and defend America and our troops on the ground against bad…


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