School Gym Shut Down to House Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Wave

BIDEN ADMIN CHOOSES ILLEGAL ALIENS OVER AMERICAN SCHOOL KIDS AND VETERANS – After homeless American veterans were booted from a hotel to make room for illegal immigrants flooding our country in response to the mass mailer President’s open border policies, an elementary school in Coney Island saw their gym sacrificed to illegal immigrants as well. The moves make it clear the Biden administration is acting more like a foreign enemy intentionally harming the American republic than an American government that upholds the Constitution and protects Americans from all enemies foreign and domestic.

The school in question is PS 188 in Coney Island. Residents in the district are not happy about the school being turned into an immigration center, housing illegal aliens who may are may not have been properly vetted to determine if they’re even safe to be in close proximity to school children during the school day (as they are now thanks to the Biden administration). GO DEEPER

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