School Transitions Teen in Secret, Now Mother is Suing

The Appomattox County School District chose to “transition” the daughter of mother Michele Blair without her knowledge and against her will. From Fox News: Sage was eventually rescued from the situation by federal authorities (being abducted after she ran away), but the trauma didn’t end there, according to the allegations. Baltimore public defender Aneesa Khan fought returning the teen to the parent’s custody after a rescue, arguing that the family were not “sufficiently affirming” of Sage’s new gender identity, according to Blair.

This led to her daughter ending up in a juvenile facility for adolescent males “where she was once again sexually assaulted, exposed to drugs, and denied medical and mental health care,” as described in the lawsuit.

School hid teen’s gender transition from parents, leading to runaway, abuse nightmare: lawsuit –


The family of a Virginia high school student are filing a lawsuit claiming the staff of her high school secretly transitioned her to a male, which set off a chain of events in which the teen ran away and became a victim of sex trafficking.

Michele Blair filed a lawsuit against the Appomattox County School Board, district staff and a Maryland public defender, claiming that her daughter Sage had been transitioned by faculty at the school without her knowledge – while a public defender later fought Blair’s efforts to regain custody of her child.

“They stole my right to protect my daughter,” Blair said of the lawsuit in an interview with the Washington Examiner. “I’m the parent, I am an expert on my child, there is nobody in the school or court system that knows my daughter better than me. They will never know my daughter better than I do.”

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