Scientists investigated a model to explore afterglow from short GRBs –

Scientists investigated a model to explore afterglow from short GRBs

2021-10-02 09:15:57
Amit Malewar

Short gamma-ray bursts, extremely bright bursts of high-energy light that left a mysterious material. That mysterious material is a prolonged ‘afterglow’ of radiation, including X-rays.

For years, scientists have been exploring the origin of this afterglow, yet they don’t know where this afterglow comes from.

In a recent study, scientists investigated a simple model that proposes a rotating neutron star as the engine behind a type of lengthy X-ray afterglows, known as X-ray plateaux. Using a sample of six short gamma-ray bursts with an X-ray plateau, scientists worked out the properties of the central neutron star and the mysterious remnant surrounding it.

Scientists developed the model by taking inspiration from remnants from a young supernova. There is a huge difference between remnants from supernovae and short gamma-ray-bursts, but the energy driving from a rotating neutron star has the same underlying physics. So, if the remnant of a short gamma-ray burst is a neutron…

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