States Wouldn’t Be Pushing Inconsistent Tech Laws If Congress Wasn’t So Corrupt –

States Wouldn’t Be Pushing Inconsistent Tech Laws If Congress Wasn’t So Corrupt

2021-08-27 12:51:00



from the cycle-of-stupid dept

You might recall after the telecom lobby convinced Congress to obliterate both privacy and net neutrality rules (despite both having bipartisan public support), there was a lot of industry whining about the various state replacement efforts that popped up. For example when California popped up with its own net neutrality rules, AT&T whined incessantly about how a “discordant network of state laws” would harm puppies and innovation. Ignored, of course, is that states were simply rushing to fill the consumer protection void created by federal apathy, itself a direct result of lobbying (aka corruption).

The same thing happened with broadband privacy guard rails. In 2015, the FCC proposed some fairly basic broadband privacy rules largely focused on making sure what was being collected and sold would be transparent to consumers. But the telecom lobby was easily able to lobby the GOP-controlled Congress to use the Congressional Review Act to kill those…


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