Sweden Says It’s Facing Terrorist Threats After Koran Burning

The Islamo-fascist crowd doesn’t understand liberal culture. In their world, people can be killed for their “wrong” beliefs, a sentiment shared by American leftists. In keeping with that ideology, Sweden now says it faces credible threats of terrorism for simply allowing its citizens to have the free speech rights of burning a Koran in public if they so want to. Their domestic security service said they are in a “serious situation” facing a “heightened threat” of terrorist attacks by Islamo-fascists who cannot allow others to live if they don’t think and act like themselves.

Sweden is in a ‘serious situation’ with a ‘heightened threat’ of terror attacks after Koran burning stunt that enraged the Muslim world, says country’s security service

Sweden is at a ‘heightened threat’ of terror attacks after recent Koran burnings in the country sparked widespread protests in the Muslim world, its domestic security service said on Wednesday.

The agency, known by its acronym SAPO, said the burning and desecration of religious books in Sweden, and ongoing disinformation campaigns on social media and elsewhere, have negatively affected the country’s reputation.

A recent string of public desecrations of the Koran by a handful of anti-Islam activists in Sweden and most recently in neighbouring Denmark has triggered anger in many Muslim countries, and among Muslim communities residing in the Nordic nations.

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