Taliban’s Afghanistan is Already Collapsing

Afghanistan experiencing serious crisis, socio-economic collapse looming: Josep Borrell

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2021-10-03 17:37:00


Brussels [Belgium], October 3 (ANI): EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Sunday said Afghanistan is facing a “serious humanitarian crisis and a socio-economic collapse is looming” that will prove to be dangerous for the region and international security.

“Afghanistan is experiencing a serious humanitarian crisis and a socio-economic collapse is looming, which would be dangerous for Afghans, the region and international security,” Borrell wrote in a blog post.

Borrell said that there are many signs that the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse.

“For instance, we have seen the formation of an interim government that is neither inclusive nor representative. And we have reports that women and girls are excluded from schools and universities, which goes against initial assurances from the Taliban,” he wrote.

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