Omicron to Blame for Expected Lingering Inflation, Fed Chair Says

Fed Chair Blames Omnicron for Inflation to Come



The Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell, the Printer King himself, is preparing to tell lawmakers that the Omnicron is to blame for the pain to come, not us, promise, pinky swear.  Look at us, we’re the good guys, the party of the morally supreme and scientific certain, the party that mourned the death of JoJo, the prince of the DNC himself, gone too soon, that party.

The Omnicron is an inflation creator and perpetuator, which means, by extension, it won’t be long before the Federal Reserve and the Joe himself (if Soda Pop will let him leave their game of dominoes over a glass of lemonade) is not declaring the unvaccinated are to blame for inflation.  They probably sabotage our businesses too.  And stuff.


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