The Human Cost of Corporate Wokeness

The Human Cost of Corporate Wokeness

Corpo-Woketarianizm Will End Lifelong Friendships and Destroy Quality



The Corpo-Woketarianizm is a highly authoritarian, highly coercive morality code that demands that you place at the top of your sin hierachry acts of racism and bigotry and sexism and genderism.  Any act that promotes or protects the previous orthodoxy of normative should be considered first and foremost the sins that should separate you from the ones committing such unforgiveable sins.

Not only must one not commit such unpardonable sins, but to not work to find, to expose the ones that commit such sins is also a form of sin that is as bad as the sin that the now sinner failed to find and expose.  Scalps on the drawer aren’t there to brag, they’re there to send a signal to the hierarchy of moral supremacism that corpo-woketarianizm always creates.  That signal is simly this, “I am a good egg see, and pleasing you is all that consumes every part of my being, my identity, my hope.  I am yours and yours alone.”

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