‘The Social Dilemma’ Director Says Tech Regulation “Absolutely Needed” – The Hollywood Reporter – www.hollywoodreporter.com

‘The Social Dilemma’ Director Says Tech Regulation “Absolutely Needed” – The Hollywood Reporter

From www.hollywoodreporter.com
2021-08-26 17:45:04


A new episode of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Behind the Screen podcast features the filmmakers behind The Social Dilemma, a seven-time Emmy-nominated documentary that examines the dark side of social media.

Released on Netflix, The Social Dilemma received Emmy nominations for outstanding documentary or nonfiction special, as well as in the categories for writing, directing, editing, cinematography, music and sound editing.

Director Jeff Orlowski, producer Larissa Rhodes, and editor Davis Coombe are featured in this Behind the Screen conversation.

“Political polarization has become the de-facto output of this [social media] technology and is a threat to our democracy. We can’t have this country operate in a functional way if people just listen to things that most satisfy their whims and ideology,” Orlowski says, adding that since they made the documentary, they spoke with more than 80 politicians and “we are hearing more and more that politicians are…

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