They Won the US Lottery out of Afghanistan, But It Looks They’re Stuck Nonetheless

They Beat the Odds to Win the US Visa Lottery. But Crippling Delays May Keep Them in Afghanistan. – Mother Jones

2021-08-24 10:00:15
Sinduja Rangarajan

Last summer, Najma, a health care worker based in Kabul, had the most eventful week of her life: First, she narrowly survived a terrorist attack at the hospital where she works. Then, just days later, as she was still making sense of the terrifying event, she got the news of a lifetime: Her father had won a green card to the United States in a lottery through the diversity visa program, which promotes immigration from underrepresented nations. Najma and her family would be able to immigrate with him and live a peaceful life in the United States, something she had always dreamed of for herself and her siblings.

“It was like God’s message,” she said. “My parents and I were suffering from a bad situation mentally, but suddenly we found hope.”

So the family filed the necessary paperwork and waited for an interview at the US Embassy, a process that usually took…


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