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DAILY GLOBAL OUTLOOK REPORT – March 1, 2023, Wednesday


TURKEY TO HOLD ELECTIONS IN MAY, SAYS ERDOGAN – Just a few months after an earthquake struck Turkey, leaving tens of thousands dead and critical infrastructure in tatters, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced plans to hold national elections in May, presumably because among the chaos of the moment he can more easily “win,” by hook or by crook.

HEAD-ON TRAIN COLLISION IN GREECE LEAVES SCORES DEAD, INJURED – A passenger train collided with a freight train about 80 miles outside of Thessaloniki.  The collision has left at least 85 injured and 32 dead, figures that are expected to go up as the work continues to find survivors.  The crash occurred February 28, 203.

SRI LANKANS PROTEST, STRIKE OVER IMF-DICTACTED TAX INCREASES – President Rani Wickremesinghe is facing major protests after the nation decided to go with IMF-recommended tax increases to help the beleaguered country secure IMF funding. After the embattled President issued a ban on strikes, Sri Lankans commenced to strike, adding to the nation’s rising instability.

MOLDOVAN PROTESTS CONTINUE AFTER GOVERNMENT RESIGNATION – After the Pro-Europe government resigned, the protests continue, being led, allegedly, by Russian operatives.  The Pro-Russian Shor party appears to be leading the protests.  They currently only hold 6 seats in Moldova’s legislature.  The current President, , is being called a dictator in the protests that allege they want government subsidies for their energy bills and an avoidance of war.

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