U.S. College Fires Professor for Teaching Human Binary Reality

St. Phillips College once again denied its Christian roots by denying that God made man and woman, not non-binary humans, by firing Dr. Johnson Varkey for teaching students that sex is determined by chromosomes, not human feelings (mental illness, if we want to be completely accurate). He was fired after four indoctrinated Satanists (traumatized students who were psychologically destroyed by leftist grooming) protested being taught human reality lest they come face to face with their own perverse delusions. He appears to be preparing to sue the college to get his job back, though one wonders why he would want his name attached to such an uninformed, ignorant college in the first place.

Texas professor fired after teaching sex is determined by chromosomes: legal group

A biology professor in Texas says he was fired after teaching that sex in humans is determined by X and Y chromosomes.

St. Philip’s College, a public historically black community college in San Antonio, fired Dr. Johnson Varkey in January 2023. Varkey taught human anatomy and physiology at the college for 20 years, according to a letter sent to the school by the legal group First Liberty Institute demanding his reinstatement.

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