Unborn Protected by Indiana Supreme Court

The unborn have a fighting chance in Indiana after the state’s Supreme Court voted 4-1 to uphold the state’s law banning abortions with limited exceptions. The ruling could potentially lead to economic consequences for the state as corporations controlled by DNC operatives appear ready to boycott and ban states who fail to comply with the culture of death being forced on Americans every day.

Indiana Supreme Court Rules Abortion Ban Is Constitutional

The Indiana Supreme Court issued a decision Friday that said the state’s abortion ban was constitutional in a 4-1 ruling, according to the text.

Senate Bill 1 was signed into law in 2022 and prohibited abortion with limited exceptions in the case of preventing “serious health risk of the pregnant woman or to save the pregnant woman’s life,” if the child is diagnosed with a “lethal fetal anomaly” or rape or incest, according to the bill’s text.

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