Is Adele’s Irreverent “Oh My God” Video Really Biblical?

What Adele’s Shockingly Biblical New Music Video Teaches About Sin

2022-01-15 12:30:00
Kylee Zempel


Upon first glance, the new music video for Adele’s recent song “Oh My God” appears consistent with its name: irreverent or sacrilegious. What else could lyrics like “I am a grown woman and I do what I want to do” prescribe? A closer look, though, unearths themes and truths that are actually quite biblical and illustrate what happens in pursuit of misplaced desires.

The video, which according to Adele fans includes many nods to her divorce, begins with freshness and simplicity, a shot of a single apple placed neatly atop a wooden chair. It’s one of many biblical references, including the Garden of Eden, heaven and hell, and right and wrong, which is perhaps why the entire montage is in black and white.

It’s the fall of humanity in the garden that’s most thematically pronounced though — illustrated by the fruit, florals, and a serpent — and ties all the rest of it together. And whether the artist intended it, one particular line defines the biblical…


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