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When NJ workers have to get jab and go back to work

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2021-08-27 11:15:27


State employees were supposed to be back in their offices full-time right after Labor Day, but they will get some extra time at home.

The report to the office deadline of September 7 will be extended to October 18, according to NJ.com.

The delay is presumably to give state workers time to get vaccinated. Governor Phil Murphy expanded his vaccine mandate to include all state of NJ employees. He gave them until October 18 to prove vaccination status, or be subject to regular COVID testing. That testing will occur at least once a week, but could be more, Murphy said.

While working remote for most of the pandemic, the state had been gradually increasing the amount of time employees were in their government offices. All employees have been required to report to their designated work locations 2-3 days a week.

The governor has been expanding vaccine mandates across state government and the healthcare sector.

On July 8, Murphy ordered all workers in hospitals, care facilities, nursing homes…

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