Woman Murders, Sets 29-Week-Old Girl on Fire, Gets 2-Year Prison Sentence

In April 2022, Jessica Burgess, 41, gave her teenage daughter, Celese Burgess, abortion pills after her daughter complained, saying she can’t wait to get the “thing” out of her body. After the murdered child exited the teenager’s body, the mother and the daughter set the child on fire and dumped her remains in a field.

For all that, the mother was sentenced to 2 years in prison, a sentence that shows how depraved our culture has become that they imagine any animal that treats their own children like this is NOT a critical threat to every neighbor that might someday get in their way of living the life of non-consequentiality reprobate minds such as these seek to live.

Woman Who Killed Daughter’s 29-Week-Old Unborn Child, Set Baby on Fire Only Gets 2 Years in Prison – www.lifenews.com


In a travesty of justice out of the state of Nebraska, the woman who killed her daughter’s 29-week-old unborn baby an set the child on fire will only get two years in prison.

In April 2022, authorities said teenager Celeste Burgess was almost 30 weeks pregnant when her mother, Jessica, obtained abortion pills and gave them to her daughter, killing the unborn baby. Then, the mother and daughter burned the aborted baby’s body and threw it in a field.

At first, police said their investigation centered around the improper disposal of the baby’s body. However, after further investigation, they said they discovered evidence that Jessica Burgess bought abortion drugs from a company in India and gave them to her pregnant daughter.

Burgess, 41, plead guilty. Now she has been senteced and will merely receive two years in prison for her deadly actions.

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