X Now Censoring Anti-Woke Content Creators

Another sign that the Elon Musk hiring of a WEF executive was a signal of intent to bring Twitter, now X, back into the control of the censorship machine came with the report by The American Accountability Foundation has seen most of its content censored on the platform. The organization works on exposing woke idealogues.

In their Substack, they wrote “… after we posted images of the LGBTQ books they are pushing on our children, X (Twitter) hit our account with a ‘sensitive content’ warning on ALL OUR MEDIA POSTS, and shadowbanned our account so that you won’t find us in a search on X.”

BACK TO OLD WAYS? X Strikes Wokeness Watchdog with Censorship – www.newsbusters.org


Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) has once again embraced silent suppression and has begun placing sensitive content filters on nearly every original media post from a government watchdog organization.

The American Accountability Foundation reported on Substack Monday that Twitter has begun censoring much of its content. The group has worked to expose the President of the American Library Association Emily Drabinski as a leftist activist dimissing parental concerns and pushing wild LGBT ideologies in libraries.

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