YMCA Swim Team Cancels Teen Swimmer for Opposing Trans Men in Women’s Sports

Apparently the YMCA (Young Man’s Christian Association) is far removed from its Christian roots that it is now banning teen swimmers from being on its swim team for daring to oppose men now larping as women from dominating women’s sports. To the YMCA, apparently, believing men are men and women are women is a belief that they cannot tolerate. 16-year-old Abbigail Wheeler was told not to show up anymore after she admitted she was part of a group protesting trans “women” being allowed to compete in women’s sports.

She said, “My head coach told our girls’ team that there were hateful messages put up in the girls’ lockerroom, that were considered hate speech and disrespectful. I then went to my coach and told him I was a part of this. He said it was probably not the best option for me to swim with the swim team. And that the YMCA staff would follow up with my family.”

Teen kicked off YMCA swim team over anti-trans “hate speech”

A teenage girl expressed concern about men being in the women’s locker room at a YMCA. Because this is 2023, the girl is being accused of hate speech and was kicked off the swim team. Did I mention the men identify as transgender women? The men identify as transgender women. Hence the teenage girl not wanting to be naked around them being in the “wrong” here.

16-year-old Abbigail Wheeler tried talking to the coach and the YMCA CEO about her concerns. Neither cared and told her she would have to deal with it. So Wheeler and another girl put up signs to let the other FEMALE swimmers know there may be naked chicks with dicks wandering around. You know, in case anyone might think that was weird or inappropriate.

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