Zoomer Boys Rejecting Woketarianism

A University of Michigan Poll of High School students show boys identify as conservative by a 2-1 margin, while girls identify as liberal by a 2-1 margin. The poll appears to reveal the anti-male nature of an ideology of fear and hate that is being forced on our children across public schools, where children learn the white male invented evil, which includes being masculine, being cis-gendered, being heterosexual, and even believing in Rule of Law and due process. Boys are rejecting an ideology that hates the biological male while young girls are choosing an ideology that empowers them to unfairly rule over males, with leftist “males” being left to do the work of brutally enforcing the hateful ideology.

Liberals Pretend To Be Shocked That High School Boys Are Becoming More Conservative

A new poll on the political leanings of high schoolers is making the rounds. While the results are completely unsurprising, the corporate media pretends to be shocked that 12th grade boys are becoming more conservative. The media resorts to explaining it the only way they know how — racism, sexism and resentment. Perhaps that is itself an explanation of the phenomenon.

The University of Michigan survey shows that 12th grade boys are the most conservative they’ve ever been, while 12th grade girls are the most liberal. Boys were about twice as likely to identify as conservative than liberal, a recent trend to emerge in a survey tracking the political leanings of high schoolers since 1975.

While the girls express higher rates of liberalism (30 percent) than the boys do conservatism (23 percent), it is the latter that the media focuses on as some strange — potentially dangerous —anomaly warranting further study. After laying out the findings in a straightforward fashion, The Hill shifts gears to explain them.

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