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The idea of being a prophet these days in the Pentecostal church is a popular one. It seems that people that go from church to church giving prophecies is some sort of great life. The life of a prophet can be VERY lonely, fraught with miss understanding and a furnace of the Lord’s affliction in your life. In Australia at this time it is tougher.

The idea of preparing for ten or twenty years to bring a specific message of repentance to a rebellious church might seem a bit arduous. Everyone wants to prophesy, but I am sure not everyone would like twenty years of rejections, tears, loneliness and miss-understanding.

If you want the gift of prophecy and want to serve the Lord bringing edifying words to the Body of Christ, just write to me and I will pray for you and even give you experience with doing prophecy via email.

But the life of a true prophet is even harder. To carry the thoughts of God in a simple human body is a hard thing to do. To visit a church that the whole world seems to love and then listen as God lets you in on all the churches sins and how they disappoint Him is hard to endure.

It’s hard to be God’s friend. It’s quite hard to speak for God a word of correction to a leader of a church or to a nation’s leader. Worst of all, is knowing what God wants to say to them and not being given the permission off God to say the message yet.

It’s hard to know the problems in your Countries churches and a message that would bring them certain healing and health and in a better place with the Lord and yet be denied the opportunity to go to them and tell them.

It’s hard to see a drought bring your country to their knees and then floods, then record fires bigger fires then the countries history and know that God is judging and yet no one wants to know it.

It’s hard to know that 9-11 was a judgment by God on the USA and a precursor and partial fulfillment of Revelation 18, and yet with years of reading what people on prophetic sites have said very few of them agree with you.

It’s hard to know that once in a while in heaven, God and Jesus have to go to a private place in heaven by themselves and have a big long cry about all the wickedness and all the unnecessary death and disease on the earth. It’s hard to hear God cry to you into your mind. It’s hard to endure Jesus weeping in your mind.

Oh, it’s so hard to watch people that you love sing praises to the God that you know at church and then refuse a homeless person a dollar when they beg for it.

It’s hard to endure all the pain and suffering you see around you that could be fixed and made better if the Christians weren’t being taught the doctrines of men and the doctrines of demons and putting them teachings above the commandments of Jesus.

It’s so hard to watch the world suffer and know how much better the world would be if the Christians would just lose their love for the world and all the things of this world. It’s hard to love in a world and see whole countries suffer because the Christians of the West refuse to give those Bibles. China has 80 million Christians that don’t own a personal Bible. Perhaps you could send them some.

And don’t worry, I am crazy. I am certified crazy and I have a mental illness. And when people hear that I am a manic depressive they right away have an excuse to say that that I am out of my mind and dismiss me.

God in his wisdom knew that a prophet in the last days of earth would be called a madman and a maniac so he had Hosea record his words.

Hosea 9:7 (New International Version)

7 The days of punishment are coming, the days of reckoning are at hand. Let Israel know this. Because your sins are so many and your hostility so great, the prophet is considered a fool, the inspired man a maniac.

You see in the last three weeks the nation of Australia has come under the finger of God, as of writing on the 12th of February 2009. The days of punishment have come already with bad floods, the worst fires in this countries history and two men in two days being attacked by sharks.

God over the coming years is going to have a reckoning with our country of Australia.

Let Israel know

Not only are the prophecies of the OT for Israel but the whole body of Christ.

Because Australia’s sins are so many And it’s hostility so great. A prophet like me is considered a fool And the inspired man ( a person that can get a message off God) is considered a maniac ( A manic depressive that is high and off his medication)

How could God be judging Australia?

Why would God be judging?

That’s reserved for the Book of Revelation and by that time aren’t we all meant to be in heaven?

Oh people. These may be the mad ravings of a maniac:

The idea that I am closer to God then the average person; The idea that God cries in heaven; The idea that 9-11 was a judgement of God; This guy is crazy! Yes and that’s the point.

Prophets are always sent to the people when they are far from God. They always come with a message off God at how the people of God are sinning and what they need to do to return to God.

Most are ignored. Most are killed even in modern times they can be killed.

Yes people. If you have been called to be a modern day prophet you would have had a lot of rejection and you would have had to learn how to deal with it. You would have to know about loneliness and you would have to know God really well.

Be blessed

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Source by Matthew Robert Payne