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Wesley L. Duewel, evangelist, pastor and missionary for more than fifty years, also author of Touch the World Through Prayer, Let God Guide You Daily, Ablaze for God, Mighty Prevailing Prayer, Measure Your Life, Revival Fire and God’s Power in You specializes in revival and the deeper life. We are greatly indebted to him for this inspiring guidebook to the joy, power and effectiveness of the deeper life.




In the first part, the writer describes the character of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit-filled life and practically informs how the Spirit’s fullness can be appropriated in one’s life. The second section is a revelation of ways in which the Holy Spirit shapes one’s life, equipping with the character of Jesus Christ and with power of ministerial work. Spirit-filled people are the present-day church’s need. Spirit-filled people are the present-day church’s needs. The church has lost its power simply because it has lost its first love. Ichabod (the glory has departed) should be written over the door of many places of worship today. The Bible teaches that there is a great crisis commitment of our souls, a deeper, higher cleansing work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts as believers. Individual sins refer to acquired depravity and original sin inherited depravity. If holiness is Christ like, it is argued, we dare not think of it as a mere label or a nominal theme. This deeper life God has for each believer is full of surrender in which the Holy Spirit is Lord of one’s life. Duewel, like Wesley, asserts that after being born again, the deeper work leads to the filling oft the Holy Spirit. The apostles were truly born of God but it was not until Pentecost that they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Spirit-filled individuals do not necessarily state their doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the same terms. One is Spirit-filled so that he/she may be transfigured. This book should be in the library of every Christian.


This book is seasoned with original poems and song lyrics that clearly bring out the message of the book. A truth for the divided church clearly taught by Duewel is that being filled has nothing to do with one’s denomination. His far-flung spiritual and practical experience enabled him to pass what he knows with simplicity.


His defence of Cornelius, his household and the eventual baptism of the Holy Spirit is weak.


This book is a treasure for every one longing to know about the spirit-filled and deeper life in Christ. Although he writes on a difficult subject, Duewel impressively presents a balanced approached to living a life marked by the Spirit’s presence.

Source by Oliver Harding