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Principles for a Victorious Life

T. D. Jakes establishes basic concepts and principles for discovering purpose and power through the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his book “Power for Living.” These perceptive and soul searching guidelines offer the reader specific directions for experiencing answered prayer, maintaining focus while in their quest for God, and the power to live out their dreams.

The narrative includes touching stories which get in touch with an inner focus on the soul which translate into self examination, conviction and confession. Bishop Jakes puts an emphasis on the importance of maintaining an open conversation with God. He encourages the reader to ask questions of God as a part of their diligent search for truth.

Each chapter highlights a feature called “Power Points for Living.” These are made up of exercises for contemplation, reflection, or journalling with specific suggested action steps which when taken lead to the realization of power for living.

Part II of the book includes 30 power principles intended to equip the reader to face their every day challenges. Each principle includes an inspiring scripture passage which provides both wisdom for decisions and comfort for hardships.

A concluding “Bonus” section contains instruction designed to help the reader release the Holy Spirit’s anointing power to give them “Power for Living.” Bishop T. D. Jakes writes out of a sincere heartfelt sense of compassion. It is his desire for each reader to commit themselves to an unreserved pursuit of God, His Son Jesus, anointed power of the Holy Spirit.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., 9780768428384

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

Source by Richard R Blake