St. Louis Gives Muslims Special Exemption from LGBTQ “Training”

If you got St. Louis Park Public Schools, you can get your child out of LGBT Q indoctrination if you happen to be Muslim. Six Somali Muslim families were given assurances their children would not be raised as little rainbows, but against the will of the school district, located in the state of Minnesota. The […]

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Human Rights Campaign Celebrates Pedophile LGBTQ “Activist”

Chad Turner is a man convicted of molesting a 14-year-old boy who spent 2 years in prison serving a 10-year sentence. After being released from prison, he went on to have a successful career as an LGBTQ activist, one celebrated by the largest and most violent of the LGBTQ activist groups, the Human Rights Campaign. […]

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London Doubles Down on Criminalizing Christianity

The city of London, run by a seditious Islamo-Fascist Mayor Sadiq Khan, is doubling down on its efforts to “protect” its citizens from the dangers of the Christian gospel, calling much of scripture hate speech and using that classification as a justification to arrest Christian preachers, a practice the Bobby’s of the city seem intent […]

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State Department to Stop Using Binary Gender Terms

The U.S. State Department is busy deconstructing humanity, now insisting that no one use any terms that affirm basic human reality, that there are men, who are always men, and women, who are always women. The moves were exposed through a memo by Secretary Anthony Blinken, who, like everyone in this administration, puts party over […]

Israel Rejects Two-State Plans

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that any effort by other nations to facilitate a “two-state solution,” one which gives state status to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, will be met with total and complete resistance. He said that his government “outright rejects” such attempts. He told his cabinet, […]

Greece Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Greece’s parliament voted to legalize same sex marriage, as well as same sex couple adoption in a move that makes it the first Orthodox Christian country to vote for such a measure. The bill was passed by the incumbent party, New Democracy, with a vote of 176 to 69. Greece becomes first Orthodox country to […]

from – Pro-Life Advocates Criticize Christian Group’s “Pro-Abortion” Super Bowl Ad

A Superbowl Ad by another faux leftist “Christian Group” called “He Gets Us” shows people washing the feet of the far left’s favorite people, with one seemingly AI-generated picture showing a person washing the feet of a woman about to go into a murder center to end the life of her unborn child while people […]

Arab-Israelis Charged with Aiding Hamas’ October 7 Attack

– Two Arab-Israeli citizens, Rami Habibullah, 43, and Khaled Saleh, 35, were arrested this month for allegedly giving Hamas intelligence that helped the terrorist group carry forth its October 7 assault on Israeli citizens, specifically targeting women and children for death and kidnapping. Headlines from the MSM call them Israeli citizens, leaving out in the […]

from – European Farmers United in Fight Against Prohibitive ‘Green’ Regulations, Cheap Imports ━ The European Conservative

What began in 2023 is only continuing in 2024 as Europe’s farmers continue to come face to face with the far-left globalist plan to eradicate them and the people they feed in a bid to bring their own version of “heaven” down to earth. In multiple nations throughout Europe, farmers are protesting in ways that […]

ABC Can’t Figure out the Motive of Trans Hamas Supporter Attempting to Kill Christians

ABC News’ headline covering the shooting at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston Texas suggests the company doesn’t understand why a man claiming to be a woman who also supports Hamas would want to shoot up a place full of Christians. The headline reads “‘Free Palestine’ written on gun in shooting at Lakewood Church, but […]

It Turns Out “Woke Kindergarten” Destroys Children Intellectually

A San Fransisco Bay Area school district, specifically Haward Elementary, that is struggling fiscally chose to spend $250,000 to have an organization called “Woke Kindergarten” traumatize their children with psychological terrorism that caused them to hate their skins, the skins of their neighbors, and their own parents has produced disastrous academic results as the children […]