Biden DOJ Protects Child Murderers at Abortion Clinics from Countering Views

President Joe Biden’s anti-Christian, pro-baby-murder DA is using the FACE Act (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) to militantly prosecute Christians, arresting them at gunpoint, for protesting the murdering of unborn children at clinics.  The administration makes it clear that Moloch is their state religion, and they intend on forcing this depravity on the American […]

Leftist Students Threaten to Kill Non-LGBT-Affirming Christian Organization

From –DePaul students: ‘Eliminate’ Christian group for calling LGBT lifestyles ‘sinful’Excerpt: ‘We are non-affirming. This means we do not agree that the LGBTQIA+ lifestyle is supported by biblical text,’ Christian group says Students at Catholic DePaul University want to see a nascent campus group banned because it does not support LGBTQ lifestyle choices. A […]

UK Bill Could Make it Illegal to Silently Pray Outside Abortion Clinics

UK PONDERS BILL MAKING IT ILLEGAL TO EVEN BELIEVE IN ABORTION OUTSIDE MURDER CENTERS – The UK is now proposing a bill that would criminalize protesting outside the murder centers, with an amendment added that would even prevent “silent prayer” outside the murder centers. Some MPs are fighting back, rightly arguing that the amendment creates […]

Did the DOJ Spy on a Pro-Life Group?

PRO-LIFE GROUP ACCUSES BIDEN’S FBI OF SPYING – Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) is accusing the FBI of using a federal informant to infiltrate their group and report their private conversations, notes, correspondence, which were then used against their director in court.   read more

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