Rashida Tlaib Asks Supporters To ‘Chip In’ So She Can Host More Anti-Semitic Events

Thanks to the DNC providing legitimization of the genocidal anti-semitic movement this seditious woman represents, she is now using the RNC’s efforts to stop this terrorist action in the halls of congres from taking place to raise campaign funds. She wrote in a fundraiser to her anti-American constituency, “In an attempt to suppress the truth […]

Tlaib Hosts Event that Calls for the Destruction of the State of Israel Thanks to DNC

DNC SUPPORTS TLAIB’S ANTI-JEWISH EVENT IN CAPITOL – The Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), stopped antisemite and DNC darling Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) from holding a conference that condemns Israel’s existence. It called the founding of Israel a catastrophe and seeks to paint Israel as an apartheid terror state that should be wiped […]

Pro-Life Group Pays for Own Security to Speak at Hostile Anti-Life College

FACING VIOLENCE FROM ABORTIONISTS, UNIVERSITY FORCES PRO-LIFE GROUP TO PAY FOR SECURITY – Students for Life of America must pay over $8k to the University of Mexico to protect them from rapid unborn-child-murder advocates conditioned largely by the same university to believe violence is a legitimate means of political expression. The group plans to have […]

Oregon Sued Over Banning Christian Adoption

OREGON’S IDEOLOGICAL LITMUS TEST FOR ADOPTION FREEZES CHRISTIANS OUT – The leftist dystopia that is Oregon has made it illegal for Christians to adopt in their state using an ideological questionnaire that rules out people who reject the non-binary, pro-gay-affirming agenda of the DNC-CCP and its vassals (such as the Democrat-controlled Oregon government).  The state […]

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