Democrats Are Losing Their Religion

In 1999, 60 percent of Democrats identified as religious, compared to 62 percent for Republicans. In 2023, only 37 percent of Democrats identify as religious while 61 percent of Republicans do. The Democrats have been losing 1 percent of their religion for the past 23 years, which, this writer theorizes, coincides with the infiltration of […]

Canada’s Parents Rally to Reject Child Grooming, Altrainbow Indoctrination of Children

Canada’s parents have had enough and they’re taking to the streets to let their anti-human, anti-liberty child grooming government know they’ve had enough of the rainbow indoctrinations of their children. Thousands rallied this month in Toronto to let the government know their time is up, parents will be taking back their children from the state-sanctioned, […]

Newsome Vetoes Bill Forcing Parents to Transition Kids or Lose Them

California Governor Gavin Newsome surprised everyone by vetoing a bill that would have empowered the state to take children from parents who refuse to allow their children to go through “gender affirming treatment, “ meaning physical and chemical castration and mutilation to entertain the delusion that a child born one sex can decide to be […]

Woman Murders, Sets 29-Week-Old Girl on Fire, Gets 2-Year Prison Sentence

In April 2022, Jessica Burgess, 41, gave her teenage daughter, Celese Burgess, abortion pills after her daughter complained, saying she can’t wait to get the “thing” out of her body. After the murdered child exited the teenager’s body, the mother and the daughter set the child on fire and dumped her remains in a field. […]

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