Air Force Chooses Rainbow Flag Over American One

U.S. AIR FORCE PLEDGES ALLEGIANCE TO HOMOSEXUAL SEX – The Air Force released a meme through their Twitter account that shows the silhouette of an airman saluting the fascist rainbow flag of the LGBTQ cult to “celebrate” sin, or, Pride, for what has somehow become known as Pride Month, the month of June.

As Americans responded to this blatant disregard for the American constitution and Rule of Law (the military being overtly political, and political in a way that indicates its hatred of the republic itself), the seditionists that run the U.S. Air Force Twitter account turned off comments, denying Americans’ Free Speech rights in another open violation of the U.S. Constitution. GO DEEPER

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London Doubles Down on Criminalizing Christianity

The city of London, run by a seditious Islamo-Fascist Mayor Sadiq Khan, is doubling down on its efforts to “protect” its citizens from the dangers of the Christian gospel, calling much of scripture hate speech and using that classification as a justification to arrest Christian preachers, a practice the Bobby’s of the city seem intent […]

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Colorado Schools Could Soon be Forced to Use Trans Identities on Kids

A new bill introduced by deranged child grooming DNC-CCP acolytes that rule Colorado with a rainbow fist, would FORCE schools to use the “preferred” genders of its students against the will, or even knowledge, of the parents of that student. The bill is designed to continue to destroy parental rights so the DNC-CCP can finally […]

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Greece Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Greece’s parliament voted to legalize same sex marriage, as well as same sex couple adoption in a move that makes it the first Orthodox Christian country to vote for such a measure. The bill was passed by the incumbent party, New Democracy, with a vote of 176 to 69. Greece becomes first Orthodox country to […]

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