China Can Blackmail Any American, US Senate Panel Learns

China Can Blackmail Any American, US Senate Panel Learns

China Owns Your Damning Data



According  to a former NSA advisor under President Trump, China’s infiltration of Americas digital marketplace has given it access to data that can  make just about all of us vulnerable to blackmail.

The former advisor, Matthew Pottinger, was testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committe this past Wednesday, August 4th, that China’s presence in our internet infrastructure through 4G, 5G, and through platforms such as TikTok and Huwaiwei smart phones, is capable of creating a dossier on almost every single American.


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Another Judge Stops Military Enforcement of Vaccine Mandate

Following a Texas Judge stopping the prosecution of soldiers for not getting vaccinated, another judge, this one in Florida, has also stopped the prosection of two soldiers that refused to get the vaccine for religious reasons. Military can’t discipline officers for refusing vaccine, Florida judge rules From 2022-02-07 18:36:52 Excerpt:    In a stinging […]

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Biden’s SCOTUS Lead is Gitmo Terror Suspect Advocate

It appears the leading candidate for the position of black-woman-SCOTUS, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, has your typical far left background, a background that includes open hostility towards the basic institutions of the American republic, like the Bill of Rights.  This judge also has a bonus background nugget in the form of a former client she […]

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Peng Shuai Makes Forced Appearance at Beijing 2022

The virtually disappeared Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai made another awkward forced interview appearance during the Beijing Olympics.  Her appearance is a reminder of a list of well-known Chinese celebrities that have disappeared after crossing the Comminust Party.  None of them are bigger than China’s former version of Elon Musk, Jack Ma, who was last […]

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