Heterosexual marriages and religious wedding ceremonies fall to record low – www.christiantoday.com

Heterosexual marriages and religious wedding ceremonies fall to record low – www.christiantoday.com

The Death of Marriage in England and Wales

From freedomist.com


Marriages in England and Wales are on the decline, specifically heterosexual marriages.  The rate goes significantly lower when one factors in marriages that had a religious ceremony attached to it.

We now have a case study in the “West” to see what happens to societes who lack a traditional marriage a, by extension, family structure.  This is not a case of different forms of marriage co-existing with traditional heterosexual marriage, this is a case of heterosexual marriage becoming something of an endangered species, and thus no longer a primary driver of institutional forming in society.  What happens when you remove that equation from a complex civilization that has the power of artificial intelligence and drones that kill  autonomously at its disposal?


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