The Power of the NEA, the Big Union Behind School CRT Push


NEA Lobbies to Make CRT a Public School Code

American teachers have chosen to mostly go all-in with the DNC-led agenda that has multiple terms it has variably been referred to over the past decade especially.

As of right now, that DNC label has come to mostly be known as CRT, or Critical Race Theory, and America’s teachers, and their biggest political expression, the National Education Association, are fully backing the DNC agenda becoming coercively taught and enforced standards in American Public Schools.

Here is a highlight of the nation’s most powerful public school education lobby-


National Education Association (NEA)

The National Education Association (NEA) is America’s largest labor union representing nearly three million employees, principally teachers. With affiliates in every state across 14,000 communities [1], NEA represents teachers, education support professionals, retired teachers, education faculty and staff, substitute teachers, and administrators.[2] It exercises enormous political clout in everything from contract negotiations to issue advocacy and lobbying.[3]

The NEA is a major political player, with its associated political action committees contributing nearly $143.5 million to federal candidates and committees—97% of which supported Democrats and liberals—from 1990 through February 2019. [4] The NEA is also deeply entangled in state and local politics and is a major contributor to left-of-center nonprofit organizations.[5]

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