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Alabama University Science Professor Opts Out of DEI Mandates

U. Alabama science professor resigns, cites climate alarmism, DEI mandates

Matthew Wielicki, an associate professor of geology sciences at the University of Alabama, will resign at the end of the spring semester, citing personal family matters but also a frustration with the politicization of the academy.

He first announced his resignation via a Twitter thread on Jan. 23, and subsequently told The College Fix in an interview that he grew increasingly frustrated with the profession due to growing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mandates as well as climate alarmism.

Wielicki told The Fix via email he takes issue with the narrow scope that the sciences are constricted by with university and government funding priorities.

“The majority of funding within the earth sciences is climate-focused,” he said. “This means that those that don’t do climate science have to compete for fewer and fewer resources as so much is being funneled to climate science.”

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