Artists Sign Anti-Israel-Boycott Letter

Over 100 artists sign letter against anti-Israel boycott – The Jerusalem Post

2022-01-10 19:07:00


Over 120 artists and celebrities have signed an open letter against the boycott of Israel at the Sydney Festival, following the withdrawal of 20 participants from the arts festival over the Israeli embassy in Australia’s funding of the event.
Gene Simmons, Haim Saban and Noa Tishby are among some of the notable figures that signed the letter “in support of artistic freedom.”
“Cultural events are vitally important vehicles to bring people together of different backgrounds under a shared love of the arts. The annual Sydney Festival embodies this unifying power,” reads the letter, organized by the NGO Creative Community for Peace. “Unfortunately, this year, the spirit of the Festival is under attack by those calling for a boycott because the Israeli Embassy is sponsoring a world-renowned Israeli dance ensemble. This call for a boycott turns the festival from an opportunity for unity into a weapon of division.”

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