The Great Canada Honkening Financers Want to End Communism

Apparently, a lot of the people funding the vaccine mandate protests by Canadian truckers are also hoping this act of defiance will help end Communism.  The manistream media might be scandalized by Canadaians wanting to end Communism in their country, but many Canadians are more scandalized by the media’s response than the financiers’ intentions.

Backers of ‘Freedom Convoy’ Cite Overcoming Communism in Their Support of Canadian Truckers

2022-02-06 20:33:59



Thousands of Canadian truckers, along with other supporters, arrived in Ottawa last month to protest against COVID-19 mandates enforced by the country’s liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, and the Communist Party of Canada.

Known as the “Freedom Convoy,” truckers are drawing attention to public health measures, such as vaccine mandates, and how they are an overreach by the government and abuse of power.

The number of people advocating for the truckers has grown substantially over the past few weeks, which was evident by the nearly 10 million dollars that was raised on GoFundMe.

Even though the crowdfunding website no longer intends to distribute funds to the truckers, those supporting the movement say they will continue to stand by the convoy.

Twitter user Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson recently interviewed a woman who traveled from Toronto to bring 1,550 Polish sausages to the truckers.


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